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5 Tips to apply for Clarendon Scholarship

Students around the world need exposure. Exposure comes from mixing up into a different kind of environment. Within your country exposure is limited, to get big exposures to step outside your home country and explore the people with diversity. Our students need this kind of diversity which is greatly achieved by Studying abroad. Scholarships have been the best option for all the students. University of Oxford one of the famous universities where everyone wants to get it has got great news for all of you. Let’s see what it is


The University of Oxford gives opportunities outside the country to avail the education by giving Clarendon scholarship to the students. It is a fully-funded scholarship that allows you to be a part of the Oxford community.

Tips for getting a scholarship

Going for any scholarship you need to clear out things doubt these are some majorly famous scholarships but digging in more will get you to benefit out of it. Consider a few tips before applying for Clarendon scholarship


Not to worry if you are living outside the country. You just need internet access and you are done. Firstly you need to know what they are giving you on the plate at the end of the day know about the facts regarding this scholarship. Clarendon is best to avail when you apply in January which is the start to every year. It covers all your fees and offers you fully funded scholarships. Not only this but the biggest problem in every outsider student’s nightmare the living expenses, it grants for living expenses as well up to the limited period of liability.

Do your homework

You want to study abroad but are you sure what course you want to roll in? Make sure what you need and act accordingly. Clarendon will give you a variety of subject courses which include graduation, master level or Ph.D.


Scholarships have selection criteria. It is usually provided to the students with an outstanding report. This scholarship is have set criteria depending on what course you opt for. Every course has its expected length. For example 9months or 3 to 4 years length etc. But be aware they all want outstanding academic records. if you are a master degree holder nothing can compensate that. So know the requirements and go for the right options.


An eligibility criterion is the most important. There are no restrictions on the nationality you can be from anywhere around the world. There are many benefits to scholarships. Clarendon scholarship gives annual grants moreover covers full course fees. To avail these benefits your eligibility criteria should meet the highest to their demands


There are large numbers of courses available. But how to select. It’s easy. Just search out what is best for you what will suits you the best and in what you can give your 1oo%. After deciding it, the rest is easy. You only need to get online and submit your filled form. If you apply in January you will automatically roll in the Clarendon scholarships program.

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